An unnamed developer, Unwriter, has supposedly made it easier for users to explore the different content housed within the Bitcoin network reports Coin Geek. The idea was first revealed on March 21, 2019, by the developer themselves.

As seen in the tweet above, Bottle has a wide range of features worth expanding upon. As previously mentioned, Bottle allows users to explore Bitcoin Network’s contents. Some of the types of contents one can expect come in the form of

“images, texts, HTML, JSON, JavaScript, CSS [or] anything.”

This was achieved by converting B:// and C:// into HTTP requests, which are sent directly to either B or C nodes shares Unwriter.

The next aspect that Unwriter believes can help Bottle “shine” is its “Bitcoin-native hypermedia files.” An example he gives is that of publishing a “JavaScript and HTML app” on Bitcoin. In doing so, the necessary Markdown is supposedly retrieved from Bitcoin, which carries CSS. This has been done to show everything is based on Bitcoin (even WWW) and nothing else.

As for the browser used, Coin Geek has since reported that it as being Electron because of the numerous Bitcoin SV features it already houses.

Unwriter finally shares their reasoning for launching it earlier than usual, as they believe that it is ideal to allow it to the surface and to be tested to see what areas need the most improvement.

This endeavor supposedly highlights the positives of BSV blockchain and its usefulness, as many not expressed favoritism towards the fork that recently happened within the Bitcoin sphere.

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