In 2018, blockchain market continues to heat up, a large number of digital currency trading platforms emerge, coupled with the rapid development of AI and artificial intelligence, the application market of technology convergence has become the focus of investors.

It is precisely because of the complementarity of blockchain and AI that the integration of blockchain and AI has become a mainstream trend. Trust Exchange takes the right time to enter into the blockchain and, combined with AI artificial intelligence, build a multi-mode and highly autonomous AI intelligent ecological Exchange of “blockchain +AI+ quantitative hedging” in an all-round way.

According to reports from several Singapore-based media groups, Trust Exchange will be launching very soon, where it was built by leading blockchain practitioners partnering with Asia & Europe Blockchain Research Institutes, reporting to the jurisdiction in Singapore.

Trust Exchange is a blockchain-based, integrated asset service platform. The exchange has expanded its flexibility of functions by implementing Blockchain, AI and Auto-trading system, hence building a highly autonomous exchange ecosystem providing user-friendly services to all users.  

According to, Trust Exchange will be releasing the TET Airdrop Program, as TET is coming to live soon. 1 billion of TET will be distributed to the first wave of customers after the official launch of Trust Exchange. Users will be able to receive TET corresponding to 0.5% – 1% of the total market capitalization of TET when they deposit a certain amount of assets within the Candy Box, while total worth of assets deposit is worth higher than 100 USD. TET Airdrop could also be obtained by a referral program. Investors are optimistic about the disruption which Trust Exchange is bringing to the market. Please see more details on the Trust Exchange official website.

Trust Exchange background:

Trust Exchange team is established in Singapore, which is composed of a number of senior industry experts, and has many years of research and accomplishments in the global asset trading field and technology field. The team has jointly built Trust Exchange with the support of the asia-europe blockchain research institute. The team plans to set up offices in Singapore, Hong Kong and Japan.

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