Cecilia Mwangi (Shosh), the proprietor of Shosh Sound Systems, has made ripples in the international media.

The 78-year-old sound system expert became an instant media sensation after she was widely featured personally fixing car stereos.

Her story has apparently become a global inspiration and a blessing to many if a report by Al Jazeera is anything to go by.

Cecilia Wangari Mwangi (Shosh), the proprietor of Shosh Sound System

The media house headquartered in Doha, Qatar did a story on Shosh and her passion for music and business despite her advanced age.

And just like Cecilia got massive admiration in Kenya, she has equally been hailed and praised abroad.

According to Al Jazeera, the video of her interview was the most-viewed video for the week – an indicator of how moving the story was regardless of the audience.

For instance, the video had 159,000 views, with the original Twitter post having 749 likes, 1,400 retweets while a second post had 1,080 likes and 483 retweets by the time Kenyans.co.ke published this article.

In a previous interview, Shosh mentioned that she had gotten accustomed to her new status as “an internet sensation”.

She nevertheless thought of her profession as a wonder, considering she has been installing and repairing car stereos for the last three decades.

Cecilia is not a typical grandmother as she not only listens to modern music but also speaks slang.

Before she settled at her current job, the granny tried out many others following the death of her husband, leaving her to fend for her daughter, Mary Wambui.

“I sold vegetables in Parklands and Kibera. I have tried so many businesses, I cannot even count. I have also operated a supermarket,” she revealed.

Cecilia Wangari Mwangi (Shosh), the proprietor of Shosh Sound System

Shosh divulged that her audio shop in Kariobangi South opens at 8am daily and closes when the day’s work is done.

Reactions to Shosh’s story on Al Jazeera

She has four permanent workers including her grandson Samson Kamau and one of her employees has set up another shop in Kisumu.

Here is the video by Al Jazeera.

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