First, some stats. Launched in April 2016 in Whole Foods, Ripple refrigerated plant-based milk (fueled by pea protein) is now sold in 15,000+ stores in the US and Canada from Kroger to Target, with sales “well into the 10s of millions last year and growing triple digits​,” said Lowry.

The product range has also expanded into shelf-stable kids’ milks, protein powders and shakes, a barista blend, and Greek-style plant-based yogurts (which are being relaunched this year). 

And while no one can predict exactly when, or if, sales of plant-based milks might peak and plateau, it feels as if there is a pretty long runway ahead, he observed.

“When I started Method​ [Lowry is the co-founder of cleaning products brand Method​​], the entire green cleaning segment in America was worth $30m, but it’s obviously much bigger than that now, and Method is the largest green cleaning business in the world, and that’s because we were at the front end of a real shift in the way that people were caring for their homes.

“I think something very similar is happening with the shift to plant-based diets, and it’s not about people that have a necessity to go plant based, but people that have a desire to go plant-based, and that’s a much more mainstream proposition.”

Nutritional equivalency?

But if plant-based milk continues to displace dairy milk, should we pay more attention to its protein, vitamin, and mineral content given that dairy milk is currently a key source of nutrients in the US diet, especially for kids, although it is obviously possible to eat a balanced diet without it?

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