OMGFIN is an trading platform licensed in Estonia that takes the position that:

“if you want to go far, go together. At OMGFIN, we believe we will all be the winners if we share and help each other.”

Recently, the platform announced that it has added Ripple (RXP) to its exchange. The announcement initially came in the form of a tweet, in which the platform stated:

“Ripple (#XRP) is live on OMGFIN’s BTC, ETH, UQC and USDT Markets. The first cryptocurrency trading platform to give cashback up to 30% on XRP.”

The cash-back program that the platform is referring to is an opportunity for it to reward its customers and to incentivize them to share their purchases and sales with their friends.

The crypto funds that will be received by users who receive cash back is the “same crypto money” that they have received. Meaning, one will receive an amount of BTC at the end of the transaction that is equal to the amount of BTC that the user has traded.

Keep in mind that there are conditions associated with the reward. The platform explains that users must share their deal with a certain number of people and those who the transaction is shared with must also execute the same transactions.

The process is simple, for those who are interested in using it. When one buys or sells crypto, the platform will provide them with a link in which they can share with their friends.

Once the user sends the link to their friends, the recipient must click on the link and conduct the same transaction, which means buying or selling the same crypto as the original user.

Once the minimum amount of people shared with have conducted the transaction, the cashback system will activate and provide the original user and link recipients with rewards. The reward is provided upon completion of the transaction.

The cashback system seems like a prime incentive system for those who use the platform. It will certainly be interesting to see how well it encourages referrals and trading in general.

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