While everyone seems to throw Ripple under the bus due to the ever-stuck price of XRP, the San Fransisco-based cryptocurrency has been building a multi-million dollar plan to grow the digital assets ecosystem and bring their distributed ledger technology to the masses.

Ripple has been exceedingly careful to make sure they know where the market is headed, and they believe there is going to be multiple ledgers that will be used in different verticals. They have been looking at different investments they would like to make, and partner with people who have similar values and view of interoperability. They have recently invested in Agoric, a secure smart contract platform that can integrate into other layer ones. This platform has the potential to allow people to make cross payments into other chains. Something they don’t expect to be used right now, but far ahead in the future. That’s how far ahead they’re thinking.

Also working on their XPRING department, they have been working closely with companies to help them progress along and building their decentralized exchange. There are also payments, where XRP can be set up for use and working with different merchants as well as consumer platforms and apps to see where there could be a good opportunity. Also, every interaction has helped them develop a better marketing technique and using past experiences, they’ve learned quite a bit on how to better explain and teach companies about their platform.

When introducing someone to a new video game, you don’t say there’s this new video game on a blockchain. You tell them there’s a cool new video game, and when they try to install it, it just happens to be running on blockchain. Similarly XRP is a currency, that just happens to be running on blockchain, and focusing on the merits of the currency without getting into the technology makes it much easier for companies to grasp.

While XRP seems dormant right now, with less updates coming out in the near future, it is clear they have a lot in store for people buying into XRP.

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