Cryptocurrency big whale and U.S presidential aspirant, John McAfee has taken to Twitter to express his love for VibraVid, a content sharing ecosystem built upon the Tron blockchain network, according to reports on March 3, 2019.

McAfee Loves VibraVid, the Potential YouTube Killer

Per sources close to the matter, John McAfee, a staunch cryptocurrency enthusiast has taken to Twitter to express his positive feelings towards VibraVid, a decentralized platform powered by Tron and focused on changing the way people interact with digital content, while also allowing content creators to earn revenue with their content.

“Check the declassified release of our 3rd stage in development. We didn’t want to release but had to show the people what we are doing! @officialmcafee and @justinsuntron may love this! @BeatzCoin is coming,” tweeted Steven Zambron, the founder of BeatzCoin, a TRC20 altcoin that powers the VibraVid platform.

In his response to the tweet, McAfee said that “I do love this.”

McAfee, a Master of Many Trades

Born in England in September 1945, John McAfee grew to become a renowned computer programmer and business magnate.

In 1987, he founded McAfee Associates, the creators of the world’s first commercial antivirus software. However, in 1994, McAfee resigned from McAfee Associates, which was later acquired by Intel in 2011.

It’s worth noting that McAfee has since joined the cryptocurrency movement, promoting a vast array of blockchain projects and initial coin offerings (ICOs).

In April 2018, reports emerged that the crypto influencer and his McAfee Crypto Team charge ICO organizers more than $100K to tweet about their projects on his Twitter handle which has about 811,000 followers.

“John McAfee’s tweets are by far the most influential in the field of cryptocurrency. Few leaders in the cryptospace can come close to Mr. McAfee’s reach into the heart of the crypto investor community,” stated the McAfee Crypto Team website at the time.

As reported by Bitcoin Exchange Guide in June 2019, crypto evangelist McAfee announced he would stop promoting ICOs, citing threats from the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission (SEC).

“Due to SEC threats, I am no longer working with ICOs nor am I recommending them, and those doing ICOs can all look forward to arrest. It is unjust but it is reality. I am writing an article on an equivalent alternative to ICOs which the SEC cannot touch. Please have Patience,” McAfee tweeted at the time.

Although the SEC threats may have succeeded in silencing McAfee a bit, the crypto crusader seems determined to continue preaching the gospel of blockchain technology and cryptoassets.

He has made it clear that his 2020 U.S. presidential campaign will be all about cryptos.

About VibraVid

The VibraVid platform is focused on revolutionizing the world of digital content sharing and eliminate centralized platforms like YouTube, by making it possible for content creators to earn revenues on their content directly from users.

VibraVid will be powered by BeatzCoin (BTZC), a TRC20 token built upon the Tron network. BTZC will be the primary medium of exchange on VibraVid.

At press time, Tron (TRX) remains the 10th largest digital asset by market capitalization. The price of sits at $0.022732, with a market cap and 24-hour trading volume of $1.52 billion and $201.32 million respectively.

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