Justin Sun has been growing a minor bad reputation in East Asia, especially with the Wave Field Super Community Scam and people calling his coin a scam coin. It’s been poorly handled by the TRON team as well, leaving his Twitter filled with hateful comments, even after his string of successes in the crypto industry.

Recently he has begun making an attempt through TRON positive posts on Twitter, discussing the recent airdrop, with free TRC20 tokens worth $30 million as a part of incentive plan. These tokens have been made using USDT and are much faster than TRC10 tokens with a lower cost based on the TRON Network. Today will mark the third day of this giveaway, with it expected to go on for 1 month.

Now with Tron Foundation Korea, he has begun a giveaway depending on the number of retweets that are done to the post.

Offering up to 10,000 TRX, the CEO of the decentralized network is doing the giveaway on KakaoTalk, South Koreas popular messaging app. The platform is quite popular in South Korea, with as many as 220 million users and 49 million active users as of 2017. It’s available on both PC and mobile, making it quite easy to access. To take part, you need to join the “TRON Foundation Korea” group chat.

Interest in the crypto market continues to build in Korea, something many cryptocurrency companies have begun picking up on. People are making their move to do their best to bring more Koreans on to their platform.

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